What we offer

Teach Youth Sports provides services on-site at our client’s place of business. Classes cater to the existing customer base at our host locations (Pre-Schools, Day Care Centers, Churches, Elementary Schools, Corporate Child Care Settings, etc…) and are usually offered as enrichment programming. Our mobile- business structure, which virtually eliminates overhead costs, makes it very easy to get started.

We work to help each child develop confidence, teamwork, and other important skills in our non-competitive, learning-based environment. Teach Youth Sports owners do much more than just teach sports fundamentals; they promote teamwork, develop essential motor skills, and build confidence in children of all ages. They are not just coaches and teachers; they are inspiring mentors, self-motivated business owners, and activators of today’s youth.

Teach Youth Sports is a year-round sports program that helps children develop hand eye coordination through different sports’ fundamentals. Our mobile programs use age-appropriate equipment and a carefully crafted curriculum. 

The difference between purchasing a License and a Franchise?

Simply put, it is all a matter of control!

With a Teach Youth Sports license YOU are in control.  With a franchise THEY are in control.

Why are franchise/license fees so low?

The main reason why our license fees are so low is because we want to attract high quality business owners. High prices can eliminate many potentially successful entrepreneurs. Our low fees attract many candidates who are interested in being business owners

When you purchase a Teach Youth Sports license you will get many of the benefits of a large franchise but without…


  • the required purchases throughout the year
  • the constant evaluation and oversight

Why is a License smarter and more economical?

  • You maintain control over price, frequency, sports, class size, relationships, contracts, coaches, registrations system, marketing materials, equipment type and website
    • Teach Youth Sports will provide and guide you in all these areas
    • a Franchise gives you no choice in all these matters even if you find more efficient avenues – you DO NOT HAVE A CHOICE!
  • Teach Youth Sports will provide you all the materials you will need to guide your success without telling you how to run your business
  • Teach Youth Sports will train you and your operators very easily and quickly so you are up and running in no time. Each operator will have their own style and need to modify things for their market and a License provides that flexibility
  • A Franchise will make it seem like there is some magic they have that requires ongoing payments for each registration when in reality once you operate your program in your specific  market this will dictate the changes you need to make.  With a Franchise you will be handcuffed to the changes you are allowed to make.







Bottom line is you can run a business without paying a franchise company a ton of money and we make it easy!