Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Start Up Costs?

Franchise Costs

$1500 per sport down payment and $100/month per sport for 24 months


$200/Year (Approximately)

Additional Equipment costs

$200-$800 (Optional)

Outside applications

Varies (minimal)


  1. Sports Training
  2. Website instructions
  3. Sales Training
  4. Start-Up and Marketing Boost – We make initial calls to help you get accounts
  5. Flyer and email templates

6 zip codes of your choice

You can own/operate your own Teach Youth Sports business full-time or part-time. The more time and effort you invest towards your business, the quicker you will get results. However, you can still create a profitable business on a part-time basis if your situation requires you to stick to managing and marketing the business while delegating the coaching. Many owners start out on a part-time basis in order to lower risk while their business grows.

Teach Youth Sports stands out from the crowd, offering a fun sports experience for kids and an affordable business opportunity with profit potential for business owners. The youth sports market is a multi-billion-dollar-a-year industry encompassing 42 million kids. Every year a new bunch of kids turns 3, and thousands of families are looking for sports programs that emphasize fun, teach game basics and sportsmanship values and are convenient for busy schedules. By brining the program to the schools, you make it easy for parents to let their children be involved in programs without having to run them around after working all day.

Three key reasons:

  1. No real estate purchase or lease is required;
  2. No major capital equipment or significant upfront inventory is required;
  3. We’re an established sports business system with a formula that works. We understand that if we keep our fees low, our business owners can invest in growth and thereby achieve their goals faster.

With our help, you will create partnerships with local schools, private sports facilities, day cares, parks and recreation facilities, sports clubs, churches, HOAs and other sports facilities.

We will provide you with two days of detailed training in Chicago area prior to the date when you commence your business. There is no additional charge for this training service, but you must pay any travel and living expenses while attending the training. We will also provide email and phone sales training. You will also receive ongoing support throughout the first six months of your agreement.

Our business focuses on year round programming so you can start making money during any part of the year.

Call or e-mail today and we will start the process. You can get your sports business up and running in a few weeks!

Still have questions?

We would we happy to answer them